2 Year Headshot Rule

Having countless conversations with clients about how often they should update their headshot one thing holds true– that's that most people agree their headshot is good for about 2 years. 


This number rest on the fact that as people we change! We change hair styles, dress styles and most hated is that we AGE! Like it or not we are all aging and changing. 

Another constant that I find in these conversations is that people always bring up some story about the person they met who looked nothing like their photo. People always express how unsettleing this is. It's very important that our headshots represent who we are and look like us! Keeping your headshot current fixes this issue. 

Fix Your Headshot With This One Tip!

Crop in more! 

You can see from the three examples above you can recognize the people in the photos on the right much better than you can on the left simply by cropping in more.

You're able to create a connection!

This tip should be used for images on social sites, email and anywhere else that your headshot is used in a smaller manner. 

Photography Pricing Structure

Simple headshots (Samples)

These are your typical workhouse images, used for directories, social profiles, speaking engagements, business cards, email signatures and so on. These sessions typically take 3-5 min per-person. 

What's delivered

  • Single person headshot 
  • up to 3 Images delivered per person
  • Light Retouching
  • One Setup on simple background


  • One Person $150
  • Groups of 2-6 $109 per-person
  • Groups of 7-15 $99 Per-Person
  • Groups of 16-25 $89 Per-Person
  • Groups of 26-49 $79 Per-Person
  • Groups of 50-74 $69 Per-Person
  • Groups of 75-99 $59 Per-person
  • Groups of 100+ $50 Per-person


Stylized headshots (Samples)

These are similar to the simple headshots but these are a little more creative or edgy. These work for creative folks who want to add a little something more to the standard headshot but don't quite need an Environmental Portrait session. 

What's delivered

  • Single person headshot 
  • up to 3 Images delivered per person in the same setup
  • Light Retouching
  • One Setup in a stylized setup(setup stay same for each person)


  • One Person $250
  • Groups of 2-6 $209 per-person
  • Groups of 7-15 $189 Per-Person
  • Groups of 16-25 $179 Per-Person
  • Groups of 26-49 $169 Per-Person
  • Groups of 50-74 $159 Per-Person
  • Groups of 75-99 $149 Per-person
  • Groups of 100+ $130 Per-person

Environmental Portrait (Samples)

They are portraits done in an environmental setting. These images are great for telling more of a persons story in a visual manner. These sessions typically take 5-15 min per-person.

What's delivered

  • Single person headshot 
  • up to 3 Images delivered per person
  • Light Retouching
  • One Setup in an environmental setting


  • Groups of 1-6 $350 per-person
  • Groups of 7-15 $325 Per-Person
  • Groups of 16-25 $300 Per-Person
  • Groups of 26+ $275 Per-Person

Lifestyle Sessions (Samples)

These sessions we create images of your brand doing what it does. These images show more action and are typically for a specific purpose.

Half-day Sessions

  • Up to 10 images created 
  • Up to 4 hours of shooting
  • One location
  • Starting at $950

Full-day Sessions

  • Up to 20 images created 
  • Up to 8 hours of shooting
  • One location
  • Starting at $1750

Duo Shots

These are any shots shot on simple backgrounds with 2 people in them. 

  • One final image delivered

  • Light Retouching

  • Color and black&white versions

  • Starting at $250

Group Photos

These are any images shop on a simple background with 3 or more people. 

  • One final image delivered

  • Light Retouching

  • Color and black&white versions 

  • Starting at $450

This should give you a decent idea of pricing of our services. But if you have any questions feel free to reach out!  

Fake Headshots

One of the things I hear all the time is– "the photos you take really make you feel like you know the person in the photo." 

My response is always the same– it's because we don't edit people's faces away. That's really it.

  • We don't photograph from way above to make people look slimmer– we shoot straight on just as you would look at someone.
  • We don't remove wrinkles because you really do have wrinkles– everyone does!
  • We don't smooth the skin– skin isn't smooth, it has texture. 
  • We don't make fake headshots and portraits! 

We photography people and we leave them looking like real life people. 

If you want a real headshot or portrait we can help with that.

Corporate headshots - Big businesses need them too!

Once you reach a large number of employees somethings because very hard to pull off. Headshots shouldn't be one of those things. It's simply a matter of breaking down the organization to smaller chuncks– Sales, R&D, Leadership and so on.

We can help with getting your business of 5 or 5,000 employees photographed– just ask! 

Expand your story with lifestyle photography

As you market and work you define your brand in the eyes of your customers lifestyle photography can really drive home who you are– take the following images as an example. 

Hand crafted bikes.

Hand crafted bikes.

Express your style that will apeal to your customers. 

Express your style that will apeal to your customers. 

This images could go on for days– but that would just get redundant. If you are looking for ways to connect to your customers in a quick way that will speak to who you and they are adding some lifestyle imagery may be right for you. 

What to wear for a headshot

I get this question more than any other question. And as there is no real right or wrong answer for this question I hold firmly to the stance of "keep it simple." 

Now as a commercial photographer my default on any question is keep it simple. So it should be no surprise that I feel the same way with your outfit for your headshot. Choosing a simple solid-color tops for your headshot will keep the image clean and the focus on your face. We want the viewer to connect primarily with your eyes not some busy pattern or bright color of your shirt. 

Now I don't feel you need to have a bland outfit on for headshots, you can layer and what not to create some texture but we don't want it overbearing. 

Where to get a headshot in Columbus

Often when you or your company seeks to get headshot done the first questions is - 

Where do we go to get headshot done in Columbus? 

The over-simplified answer is– nowhere! You shouldn’t have to travel anywhere to get a headshot done. You should have a photographer come to you. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t travel to a studio just to have a simple headshot done. The big one TIME! Your time, your teams time and company time. 

The more people that need to be photographed the more this becomes relevant this becomes. If you need one person photographed you may lose an hour or two of their time. Need a small team photographed you may lose 5-15hrs of team time. Need a staff of 100 done, now you're pushing 125-200hrs(this could conservatively cost your company $20K) of company time. Time you could be billing. Meeting with clients. Time lost doing what you love! The only persons who gains from this is your photographer. 

Now headshots are an important tool in your bag and they have a real impact on your marketing. So you need them but you shouldn’t waste unneeded time traveling somewhere to have them done. At Walker Photography we come to your location at no extra charge. We shoot straight to a computer so each person gets to see and proof their photo as it’s being taken. And at most, we only take 7 min of each persons time, not an hour or more. 

If you're looking to get a new headshot done of yourself or need a 1000+ person staff photographed– we’d love to chat with you! 

So, instead of wondering “Where do we get headshots in Columbus” ask “who can come to us to do our headshot.”  

Corporate Headshots Speak to your Brand

Often overlooked team headshots can communicate in ways that are in line with your brand or against it. A common place this is seen is on LinkedIn and on the "about" or "team" pages of your website. Like anything a headshot is going to communicate something and why not have it communicate who the people are that make up your company in the best light possible.

I challenge you to do a quick audit for yourself – go search your company on LinkedIn and pull up the team page on your website and ask yourself the following 3 questions...

  1. Do you even have headshots on your website and Linkedin profiles? 
    If you don't you're missing out big time. Linkedin states profiles without headshots see 11 times fewer views than profiles that do. So consider if you have a team of ten that gets an average of 10 views a day, that adds up to over 36K impressions your business name is getting for free. Now without headshots, you're down to just over 3K a year. That's about a 33K impression difference of free outreach.

    Not to mention the benefits you have on adding the human element to your business that has great impact on creating a bond with your customers. Or maybe you don’t like creating bonds with your customers?

  2. Is there any consistency to your team headshots?
    I'm not saying you need to have images that are all perfectly the same for your whole team(though you could and many do find this to be a good option) but you should have a consistent feel and look to the images. No need for the stiff look, get creative but be consistent. If everyone looks like their photo was taken at the different times it could make your prospects wonder if there have been a lot of turnover with your leadership and make them hesitate to take that new project with your firm.

    Don’t make people wonder if there are issues going on within your business– have a consistent look that can be reproduced when needed regardless of if you need 1 person photographed or 1000 people photographed. Not sure what that looks like– we can help, get in touch here.

  3. Are your photos up to date– meaning shot within 2 years, matching current hairstyles and color and so on. 
    I hear it all the time “we already have headshots” and I follow on cue with, how old are the images… If your photo is not current—meaning it's over 2 years old— it needs to be updated. Chances are you’ve aged(it’s life, sorry), you have a new hair style, your professional “uniform” has changed– the images you're showing are no longer who your people are. When you have a photo of someone at 25 and their now 32 you are no longer communicating who they honestly are. People feel deceived by this– leaving you to have to rebuild the trust you lost from this miscommunication.

    If your team has old, outdated images what kind of message are you sending to your customers? Are you losing trust right from the start?

There are many factors that your headshots effect and it can help communicate your brand or it hand hinder it. If you're strategic about how you used your headshots you can leverage these simple photos. Clearly at Walker Photography, we’re passionate about headshots— we exist because we want to help you connect better with your customers and headshots help do just that.

Columbus Team Head shots - We shoot at your location

When it comes to having your teams headshots done there are many advantages to haveing them done on location. Here are the big three! 

1. Time-savings and productivity!

This is HUGE! It's simple math if you send just 10 members of your team to a studio they will be gone for an hour or more. So you just lost 10+ hours of billable time and you are now 10 hours behind and you're having to play catch up. So we work at your location and spend on average less than 5 min with each person we photograph. This one simple change in how we work pays for your shoot on day one.  

2. It's a familiar space.

It's no secret people are normally uneasy about getting their photo taken. In the photography industry in common knowledge that a portrait photographers first job is to make the person feel comfortable. So when doing the shoot in a place your team feels comfortable in it makes for better photos and a happy team because they are at ease–at least with the location–right from the start.

3. Great use of your space

Not always but at times, we're able to make original imagery in your space using the colors and textures in your space. This can make for original images that reflect your space and brand in a fun way. Our clients have some really great spaces, so at times we're able to utilize that to make great headshots.

So why do photographers have you come to their studio?

Really the only one who benefits from having you and your team to their studio is the photographer and it's our goal to serve you and your team in ways that are in your best interest even if it's more work for us. We understand there are times when you may need to come to a studio and we can accommodate that but it's not our norm. 

3 Places to Use Your Teams Headshots

Using your team's headshots strategically will increase your team's effectiveness in building connections with your customers and prospects. We encourage out clients to use their headshots in more places than just their social profiles. Here are three places we share with our customers because they're drastically underutilized– yet they can drive results. 

Oh yeah— we should also mention they're most likely some of the simplest ideas to implement.

Business Cards

This seems like a no-brainer. How many times have you heard someone say "I'm horrible at remembering names, but I always remember a face." But your only put your name on your card and not the one thing they'll remember– a face!

Considering they may have a stack of cards after shopping around and talking to a few of your competitors– they may forget the conversation you had. Don't lose the advantage you have after creating some report. Let your face be the reminder of the connection you had.

Email Signature

Chances are you have customers reaching out to you daily via email. This is one of your first chances to make a connection and it's important that you make that connection a humanizing one!

We know adding a photo creates empathy when someone knows they're dealing with a real person, not a faceless business. Consider this, Radiologists accuracy rates went up 46% when patients photos were in their files because they no longer saw just another file but a human being. Show your customers a face so they know they are dealing with a real person! 

Your Website

97% of people google a business they are looking to work with. Again it's paramount that you start to create a personal connection with your customers. People do business with people, not faceless organizations. You can tap into the power of a headshot by sharing your team through photos on your website. Let your customers know the people they will be working with. 

The best part! - All three of these take very little time to setup and cost very little but can have a great impact on your business. 

If you need help getting new headshots of your team we'd love to help! You can learn more here

The Power of a Headshot

The research is clear– your headshot has huge power when wielded well. We don't want to overload you with stats and research so here are the big 3 you should know! 

1- Online, 90% of how people judge you is based on your photo! 

If this doesn't make you want to ensure you photo is the best it can be, consider this as well– people take only about 40 milliseconds to come to their judgment from a photo. So you have less than 1/2 a second to make an impression.

2- You become human with a photo.

Putting a face to a name can have a huge impact—it's humanizing— when your not able to meet with someone in person. Use it in your email signature, business card, online about page, social profiles and other marketing materials. Research from The Wharton School has shown "When radiologists scanned an x-ray, including a photo of the patient, was enough to increase their reports by 29% and their diagnostic accuracy by 46%." Simon Sinek in his book Leaders Eat Last, contributes this to empathy when the radiologists saw the patients as people after they could place a face to the x-ray– not just another file that needed to be gone over.

3- An updated photo gets A LOT OF ATTENTION!

We've seen this over and over again. We send a client their new headshot– within a day or two they update their social media profile photos and BOOM– 100+ likes and comments. People want to see a photo of you. Start clicking on your friends profile photos on and you'll see the same thing if it's a quality photo of that person.

A five-minute professional photo session—in your office—can have a huge impact on your marketing. If you'd like to learn more about this just let us know– we can show you how you can make your marketing more impactful. 


Why WP


We shoot at your location.

This is huge! When we shoot at your location you don't have to send your team anywhere(saving you in productivity for your team– do the math, what's it costing you to send your whole team out for 2hrs). Its also a more familiar place where your team is going to feel more confortable– making for better images! 

Less than 5 min with per-person.

Everyone is strapped on time and even though we save you a lot of time by coming to you, we also want to make it as quick as possible while we are there. On average, we spend less then 5 min with each person– making the process that much easier. 

24hr Turnaround.

We hear it all the time– the horror of trying to get your photos from photographers! We don't play that game, our turnaround time is 24hrs for most shoots. We deliver via dropbox for easy image sharing with your whole team. 


You proof you images instanty. 

Another big concern we get is "what are the images are going to look like?" We remove this question by shooting straight to our computer. You'll see the images as they are taken! Don't like something? We adjust right there to ensure your happy with your photo!

Photographed 1000's of people.

We hear this every photo shoot we do "I'm not very photogenic!" Guess what– everyone feels this way and we always get great shots. We've photographed so many people that we know how to get images people will be happy with. 


You'll get useable images.

We can take quality beyond just using a "fancy camera." Our quality goes into the usability of your photos. We have thought out how images are going to be used and shoot in a manner that will allow your photo to work in the most ways. Need a round crop for Instagram and LinkedIn? No problem. Need a banner style crop for a website? No problem. Need a square crop for social media? no problem. 

The right gear for the job.

At any given shoot, we have the right gear needed. With that said we keep things simple– this aids in our speed. It also gives us the flexibility to shoot in any location. We bring the gear needed to turn your board room, office, or even living room into a studio that yields great images!

A process that's proven.

As we have said above–we shoot on location. We get you great images. Images that work anywhere. How do we pull this off? We have a process that's been tested over and over. We bring the gear we need to turn your location into a mini photo studio. Giving us well lit and great looking images anywhere. Poses that work for all body types. And the list goes on. We have a process that puts your mind at ease– you don't need to worry about a thing.  


Been in business for nearly a decade.

We are not a fly by night photography studio. We've been around for nearly a decade. Our systems are tested. You need not worry about if we can get done what you're asking of us. As the saying goes "been there, done that." Businesses call us when they don't have time to find out if another photographer can handle the job. 

Highly recommended.

We can tell you 1000's of reasons why were the best option but at this point, we'll let our customers do the talking. Check that out here.

Speaker Headshots - What you need to know.

It's no secret if you're a speaker you need a headshot. No one questions this. Its a must have and it's in everyone's kit. And like anything you can do it well or you can do it poorly. I hope these 5 tips help you improve your headshot– because your headshot is your logo as a speaker(point one)...

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The ROI of a Great Headshot

The ROI of a Great Headshot

Everyone these days is asking "what's the ROI on this?" I'm ok with that and ask that question a lot myself. But if we're only asking about ROI in terms of money we are cutting ourselves short– your returns can come in many different forms.

It would be impossible to tell you how much money it'll make you in the 2 year lifespan of an average headshot. I won't even try to put a dollar figure on it.

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