Where to get a headshot in Columbus

Often when you or your company seeks to get headshot done the first questions is - 

Where do we go to get headshot done in Columbus? 

The over-simplified answer is– nowhere! You shouldn’t have to travel anywhere to get a headshot done. You should have a photographer come to you. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t travel to a studio just to have a simple headshot done. The big one TIME! Your time, your teams time and company time. 

The more people that need to be photographed the more this becomes relevant this becomes. If you need one person photographed you may lose an hour or two of their time. Need a small team photographed you may lose 5-15hrs of team time. Need a staff of 100 done, now you're pushing 125-200hrs(this could conservatively cost your company $20K) of company time. Time you could be billing. Meeting with clients. Time lost doing what you love! The only persons who gains from this is your photographer. 

Now headshots are an important tool in your bag and they have a real impact on your marketing. So you need them but you shouldn’t waste unneeded time traveling somewhere to have them done. At Walker Photography we come to your location at no extra charge. We shoot straight to a computer so each person gets to see and proof their photo as it’s being taken. And at most, we only take 7 min of each persons time, not an hour or more. 

If you're looking to get a new headshot done of yourself or need a 1000+ person staff photographed– we’d love to chat with you! 

So, instead of wondering “Where do we get headshots in Columbus” ask “who can come to us to do our headshot.”