From Scratch

  Nothing's duller than mass-produced products  

Even as a creative there's a lot of "going through the motions" to simply produce. 

As someone who makes a bulk of my income shooting headshots(a lot of doing the same thing over and over again– it's just the nature of the beast), I struggle with that. I'm searching for the balance of producing a clear sellable service(I got kids to feed) and creating something worth wild.

So when I got home from the Box today and found my wife's homemade bread sitting on the counter {still cooling} I knew what I'd be photographing today. In a world of fast food and bread from a plastic bag with 30 different ingredients from some lab, I love the idea of made from scratch. The work and effort put into something worth wild– that's what I'm trying to find with photography. 

So here's my image for today– real bread, from scratch. 
-Now, where are the butter and jam-