Creating Purposefully

“I create for the sake of creating.” I don’t get that

I’ve heard many creatives say that– I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I just don’t understand the theory. For me, I enjoy creating, building, photographing, or pretty much anything(I'm easily amused). But I need a clear reason why I’m doing it. I need to understand the purpose of the creating. 

For me(for whatever reason) I need something to say with my images, both from the image itself and with my words(in the case of this blog). So when I made this wooden spatula yesterday that all came together. It’s a functional tool and photographically I enjoy the kinda blake canvas to art metaphor the image represents. After all, it was just a scrap chunk of cherry I saved from becoming kindling and now it's something that'll be useful for years to come.  

But hey maybe I just don’t understand the nuance yet of creating for the sake of creating.