Why WP


We shoot at your location.

This is huge! When we shoot at your location you don't have to send your team anywhere(saving you in productivity for your team– do the math, what's it costing you to send your whole team out for 2hrs). Its also a more familiar place where your team is going to feel more confortable– making for better images! 

Less than 5 min with per-person.

Everyone is strapped on time and even though we save you a lot of time by coming to you, we also want to make it as quick as possible while we are there. On average, we spend less then 5 min with each person– making the process that much easier. 

24hr Turnaround.

We hear it all the time– the horror of trying to get your photos from photographers! We don't play that game, our turnaround time is 24hrs for most shoots. We deliver via dropbox for easy image sharing with your whole team. 


You proof you images instanty. 

Another big concern we get is "what are the images are going to look like?" We remove this question by shooting straight to our computer. You'll see the images as they are taken! Don't like something? We adjust right there to ensure your happy with your photo!

Photographed 1000's of people.

We hear this every photo shoot we do "I'm not very photogenic!" Guess what– everyone feels this way and we always get great shots. We've photographed so many people that we know how to get images people will be happy with. 


You'll get useable images.

We can take quality beyond just using a "fancy camera." Our quality goes into the usability of your photos. We have thought out how images are going to be used and shoot in a manner that will allow your photo to work in the most ways. Need a round crop for Instagram and LinkedIn? No problem. Need a banner style crop for a website? No problem. Need a square crop for social media? no problem. 

The right gear for the job.

At any given shoot, we have the right gear needed. With that said we keep things simple– this aids in our speed. It also gives us the flexibility to shoot in any location. We bring the gear needed to turn your board room, office, or even living room into a studio that yields great images!

A process that's proven.

As we have said above–we shoot on location. We get you great images. Images that work anywhere. How do we pull this off? We have a process that's been tested over and over. We bring the gear we need to turn your location into a mini photo studio. Giving us well lit and great looking images anywhere. Poses that work for all body types. And the list goes on. We have a process that puts your mind at ease– you don't need to worry about a thing.  


Been in business for nearly a decade.

We are not a fly by night photography studio. We've been around for nearly a decade. Our systems are tested. You need not worry about if we can get done what you're asking of us. As the saying goes "been there, done that." Businesses call us when they don't have time to find out if another photographer can handle the job. 

Highly recommended.

We can tell you 1000's of reasons why were the best option but at this point, we'll let our customers do the talking. Check that out here.