Your Teams Headshots Helping or Hurting your Brand

As individuals we all know that our online profiles MUST have a photo. We know it should look good. It should communicate something about ourselves. How we communicate that will depend on our own style and line of work. For the solo entrepreneur its simple, because its all about the individual.

But what happens when you're the leader of a team or a large company? Now your teams image isn't only communicating who they are as individuals, but as the company they represent.

At Walker Photography we believe strongly in consistency. We create simple, professional, headshots for teams(and individuals). That "look" we create allows teams to look great whether their images are shown together or individually. They're consistent, they resonate who the individual is while carrying on the professional look of their team and company. And for our clientele who is made up of mostly business professionals that works. But it's not for everyone.

There are other ways beyond our style of work that can create consistency and professionalism for your team. It's your job as team leaders to ensure your images align with your brand and the culture of your company.

So what does that look like for you?

Consider what message your team is sending out with their profile photos, it can be a simple way to communicate with your clients– but don't communicate the wrong thing that will dilute your brand!

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Chris Walker |