DON'T Hire Walker Photography If...

  1. You're looking for trendy– because we strive to be timeless, not to follow silly trends.
  2. You don't value simplicity– we have always been driven to simplify wherever we can, so that we can produce a better experience and product.
  3. You want every wrinkle removed– we don't believe in "photoshopping" your face away. Some retouching is ok, but embrace who you are– wrinkles and all! :)
  4. You want the cheapest– you've heard it before– "You can have quality or you can have cheap. But you can't have both." We have been hired to fix the poor quality work of others in the past– our clients don't have to worry about that.

We won't sacrifice our values for you and we won't ask you to sacrifice yours for us.

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