Your headshot is literally KILLING YOU!

You may not know it but your headshot could be killing you! I'm not kidding, its a serious matter that affects many people. Now you're probably asking how could a picture kill me? The simple answer is stress– caused by that bad headshot you may be using!

When you don't have an image that you're happy with, you're likely stressed sending it to the event coordinator who needs your headshot for the conference you're speaking at. Or every time you log into linkedin and see that photo you had taken 5 years ago that you can't stand. Don't forget about the bio on your website where you use that photo from your friends wedding– 6 years ago.

These things are going to cause you to be stressed about how you look to the world. That stress is going to cause your body to produce cortisol and a constant production of cortisol in your system can cause many health issues over time!

If you don't feel confident in your headshot, consider updating! Its a small investment in your life that will make you feel more confident the next time you're speaking and need to send in a headshot. And lets face it, a boost of confidence is always nice!

If you would like some tips on headshots check these out! We think they will be helpful for you no matter if you want to hire us or someone else.