The ROI of a Great Headshot

Everyone these days is asking "what's the ROI on this?" I'm ok with that and ask that question a lot myself. But if we're only asking about ROI in terms of money we are cutting ourselves short– your returns can come in many different forms.

It would be impossible to tell you how much money it'll make you in the 2 year lifespan of an average headshot. I won't even try to put a dollar figure on it.

I'll tell you that Walker Photography makes the process super simple and quick. Average shoot takes about 5 min to book. Photo shoot time is about 30min. Your time in front of the camera maybe 5-10 min. We setup at your location so you(or your team) don't have to go anywhere. Making the experience not take up a half your day of traveling around to a studio across town. Paying for your whole investment in time saved alone.

Now that you have recouped your investment in time saved. Lets talk profit!

ConfidenceAs a professional your headshot is going to be used all over the internet and in print! When you have a great headshot you can put out there and feel confident about, you'll be a more confident person. You won't dread everyone seeing "that photo" you have up on linkedin.

Brand Building! When you have an image that communicates your values, you're strengthening your brand to your market. If you hire us your image will show simplicity, professionalism, timelessness and authenticity. We don't take cluttered images, that are overly retouched, with some trendy photoshop filters. Yuck! Just clean, classic images– thats what we're about.

Usability! Ever have a photo that did not work well cropped square? A good headshot these days must work well both square and in a wide narrow banner– as well as the traditional crops. Every shoot we show our clients how their images will look in a different crops. Ensuring there images will be useful to them in many different areas.

Fun! I have had too many people to count say they were not looking forward to getting their photo taken, but we work to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience. We always have fun– and really thats worth more than money any day!

There is no question you need a great headshot in the world we live in today. That next speaking gig you have will want your headshot. Linkedin wants your headshot. Facebook wants your headshot. Your website has a spot for a headshot. Twitter wants your headshot. That board you sit on wants your headshot. And the list goes on and on!

Its not a matter for the professional "if" you need a headshot– its only a matter of if you have a good headshot that communicates who you are in a way you feel confident in.

I hope this was helpful for you!

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