Columbus Team Head shots - We shoot at your location

When it comes to having your teams headshots done there are many advantages to haveing them done on location. Here are the big three! 

1. Time-savings and productivity!

This is HUGE! It's simple math if you send just 10 members of your team to a studio they will be gone for an hour or more. So you just lost 10+ hours of billable time and you are now 10 hours behind and you're having to play catch up. So we work at your location and spend on average less than 5 min with each person we photograph. This one simple change in how we work pays for your shoot on day one.  

2. It's a familiar space.

It's no secret people are normally uneasy about getting their photo taken. In the photography industry in common knowledge that a portrait photographers first job is to make the person feel comfortable. So when doing the shoot in a place your team feels comfortable in it makes for better photos and a happy team because they are at ease–at least with the location–right from the start.

3. Great use of your space

Not always but at times, we're able to make original imagery in your space using the colors and textures in your space. This can make for original images that reflect your space and brand in a fun way. Our clients have some really great spaces, so at times we're able to utilize that to make great headshots.

So why do photographers have you come to their studio?

Really the only one who benefits from having you and your team to their studio is the photographer and it's our goal to serve you and your team in ways that are in your best interest even if it's more work for us. We understand there are times when you may need to come to a studio and we can accommodate that but it's not our norm.