3 Places to Use Your Teams Headshots

Using your team's headshots strategically will increase your team's effectiveness in building connections with your customers and prospects. We encourage out clients to use their headshots in more places than just their social profiles. Here are three places we share with our customers because they're drastically underutilized– yet they can drive results. 

Oh yeah— we should also mention they're most likely some of the simplest ideas to implement.

Business Cards

This seems like a no-brainer. How many times have you heard someone say "I'm horrible at remembering names, but I always remember a face." But your only put your name on your card and not the one thing they'll remember– a face!

Considering they may have a stack of cards after shopping around and talking to a few of your competitors– they may forget the conversation you had. Don't lose the advantage you have after creating some report. Let your face be the reminder of the connection you had.

Email Signature

Chances are you have customers reaching out to you daily via email. This is one of your first chances to make a connection and it's important that you make that connection a humanizing one!

We know adding a photo creates empathy when someone knows they're dealing with a real person, not a faceless business. Consider this, Radiologists accuracy rates went up 46% when patients photos were in their files because they no longer saw just another file but a human being. Show your customers a face so they know they are dealing with a real person! 

Your Website

97% of people google a business they are looking to work with. Again it's paramount that you start to create a personal connection with your customers. People do business with people, not faceless organizations. You can tap into the power of a headshot by sharing your team through photos on your website. Let your customers know the people they will be working with. 

The best part! - All three of these take very little time to setup and cost very little but can have a great impact on your business. 

If you need help getting new headshots of your team we'd love to help! You can learn more here