Disconnected with people to pursue busyness

Disconnected with people to pursue busyness  

It seems to me we put a higher value on busyness then connection  

I'm finding the images I'm making keep opening my mind to questions and passions I have. Today I was struck by the idea of being connected with others. Drinking my coffee this morning waiting for a friend to arrive to hear about her recent trip to Africa, I was captured by the two gents who sat at the bar in front me. Two guys just chatting before taking on the day it seemed. 

I feel this is sadly a dying trend– I can say first hand it seems damn near impossible to get many people to show up to grab coffee or breakfast without some clear business agenda behind it. It's like we've forgotten the great power that comes from simply being connected with others for no other reason than to be connected– equally, we seem to forget that nearly every opportunity we have in life stems from these relationships with one another. Why are we not championing the cultivation of this skill!?!?

I wish to live a life of more connection– regardless of the trends.
-being busy is a bullshit excuse not to connect BTW, end rant-

northstar bar.jpg

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