From Big Picture to Nuance

I’m at a life transition from seeking the big picture to embracing the nuances of my life & work.

Two things happened this year– I turned 30 and my business turned 10. I don’t put much thought into age– that said I find these two milestones requiring a new shift in how I approach things. I’ve always been a big picture guy and I’m at a point of where I'm needing to embrace the nuances of life.

The masters seem to embrace the small things in whatever their “art” is while everyone else(like me) seems to move on to find a new "big thing." For me to embrace nuance is getting past the hurdle that’s in my head and it’s one that keeps asking this simple question– “whats the point” because I've always been looking for the big picture. So as I’m transitioning into focusing the nuances of life it’s like learning how to walk again. I’m not sure how to embrace this yet but I’m working on it– working on looking closer at the smaller details within my life and work.

So here's to learning to see the smaller things.
–My 3year old leading me by example–